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Auto insurance basics Car insurance questions & answers Glossary of auto insurance terms Find cheap auto insurance in 8 easy steps Looking for cheap car insurance, but don't know where to get started? In just a few minutes, Insurance.com can teach you ways to save big money. Find out more. What a crock! 10 lies people believe about auto insurance How does the color of your car affect your premiums? Find out the truth about this and several other auto insurance myths.
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Beyond preventing injuries and saving lives, a reduction in crashes might also lower car insurance costs for insurers. There would be fewer accident claims requiring payouts for repairs or medical expenses, says Pete Moraga, a spokesperson for the Insurance Information Network of California. He adds that policyholders could benefit because auto owners insurance premiums tend to rise, sometimes significantly, after you've been in an accident. "Keep in mind that insurers write policies based on what they see their risks as being now and in the future," Moraga says. "If there was less risk perceived by an insurer, that might result in a discount for the consumer."